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Brownsville Airport

Brownsville Airport Olmito is a small airport located in Brownsville, Texas. It services general aviation and is the only airport in the city. The airport has one runway that is 3,000 feet long and 45 feet wide. It has a control tower and several hangars.

10.8 miles away

Valley International Airport

Valley International Airport Olmito is located in the municipality of Olmito, in the state of Querétaro, Mexico. It has an asphalt runway measuring 2,220 meters long and 45 meters wide. The airport offers regular flights to destinations in Mexico and the United States.

15.6 miles away

General Servando Canales International Airport

General Servando Canales International Airport Olmito is located in the city of Olmito, in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The airport serves the general aviation and tourism industries. In 2009, it handled 3,211,000 passengers and had an average annual growth rate of 6%.

The airport was inaugurated on September 10, 1970. It was named in honor of General Servando Canales, a Mexican military officer who fought during the Mexican Revolution. The airport has two runways: 4/22 with an asphalt surface measuring 8,620 m x 150 m and 18/36 with a concrete surface measuring 9,530 m x 150 m. In 2010, the airport received six new aircraft: three Boeing 737-800s and three Embraer 190s.

18 miles away


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